MaximillianGroup Celebrates Seventh Film Festival Acceptance

Gambian Filmmaker Muhammed Dibbasey Gains Global Recognition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - San Diego, California - Oct 2, 2023: MaximillianGroup, a prominent digital marketing agency based in San Diego, is elated to announce the acceptance of two compelling short films, "They Say" and "Sleepless Nights," at the distinguished G-African Film Festival. This festival stands as a beacon for African filmmakers, providing them a platform to share their unique perspectives and narratives with a global audience.

A Global Collaboration: Muhammed Dibbasey and MaximillianGroup

MaximillianGroup played a pivotal role in the production and promotion of these films, collaborating closely with Muhammed Dibbasey, a gifted Gambian poet and spoken word artist. Together, they've unveiled a powerful collection of short films titled "OBAFA," showcasing the untapped potential of the Gambian film industry.

About the G-African Film Festival

The G-African Film Festival is committed to promoting and projecting the voice of African filmmakers. By discovering, developing, and deploying talented creatives within the African Film Industry, the festival shares rich stories from Africa through various artistic expressions, including film production, scriptwriting, music, dance, poetry, documentaries, and books.

The Short Films: "They Say" and "Sleepless Nights"

"They Say" serves as a poignant indictment of corruption and injustice, a fervent call for justice, equality, and transformative change. "Sleepless Nights" navigates the struggles of insomnia, offering a blend of personal and universal themes that resonate with those who've experienced restless nights. The film portrays a journey of hope and determination, illustrating how insomnia can be a guiding force in making a meaningful impact on the world.

A Testament to Gambian Talent

The acceptance of these films into esteemed festivals worldwide not only celebrates the artistry of Muhammed Dibbasey but also underscores the growing influence of the Gambian film industry on the global stage. Dibbasey's work transcends borders, touching the hearts and minds of audiences with its relatable and aspirational themes.

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