Press Release: MaximillianGroup Releases Four Short Films Featuring Spoken Word by Gambian Poet, Muhammed Dibbasey

SAN DIEGO, California
- April 11, 2023 - Muhammed Dibbasey, a gifted poet and spoken word artist, has released his debut collection of short films, "OBAFA," globally on YouTube. Produced by Cellular Vibrations and MaximillianGroup, a record label and talent management company founded by Dibbasey, these four short films represent a rare achievement in a country where film production is infrequent. 

"OBAFA" is a powerful and important collection of short films that offers a unique perspective on life. 


"They Say" is a powerful and moving indictment of the corruption and injustice that the speaker has experienced in his life. It is a cry for justice and equality, and a call for change. 

"Attitude" is a powerful and thought-provoking piece of spoken word poetry. The speaker seems to be struggling with a sense of powerlessness and lack of control. The poem is a reminder that we all have the power to choose our attitude, even in the face of adversity. 

"I Like Words" is a beautiful and powerful expression of the love of words. It is a reminder of the importance of words and their power to shape our lives. 


"Sleepless Nights" is a powerful and moving poem about the struggles of insomnia. The poem is both personal and universal, and it will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced sleepless nights. 

Muhammed Dibbasey is a young Gambian who is seeking to understand and navigate the opportunities, rights, and the life he is faced with. He is 24 years old and is a talented and insightful writer. His spoken word pieces are both personal and they offer a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of life in the Gambia. He is a powerful voice for change, and his work is an important contribution to the conversation about the future of the Gambia.


Through his spoken word poetry, Dibbasey reflect his struggles and perspectives of life. His four poems, titled Sleepless Nights, They Say, Attitude, and I Like Words, express hope, frustration, and the impacts of Gambia's history of the slave trade and colonialism. All four shorts have already garnered recognition on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for Dibbasey's work in writing and executive producing the four short films, of which the video was produced and edited by MaximillianGroup. Dibbasey's story is one of perseverance and self-made success. 

Growing up in Busumbala, one of Gambia's poorest neighborhoods, Dibbasey became the family's eldest male after his father died fighting in the war when he was only 15 years old. He was forced to quit school and work to support his family, but he never gave up on his desire to learn. He started writing poetry and short stories. 

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